She is one of the greatest Islamic artists in Nigeria. Famously called Iya-N-Ghana, since she was conceived in that nation, Queen Seyidat has become huge throughout the years due to her remarkable Islamic music style.

Truth be told, she is arranging huge towards her 25th commemoration festivity in front of an audience. “I will commend my 25 years in front of an audience in 2019. I am going to become wildly successful. I need to do it so that it will be greater than my 20 years in front of an audience festivity. Around then, I gave out honors to the primary individual who sang Islamic music. It was grant and cash.”

“I need to accomplish a comparative thing when I praise my 25 years. I will likewise do opportunity for a portion of those I have prepared. I will give some other individuals grants as well”.

How can she see the most recent 23 years? “It was an extreme one. Yet, I am glad I had the option to vanquish every one of the difficulties. The voyage of 23 years in front of an audience isn’t a simple one.”

“I have experienced a great deal, various encounters. I endured a great deal before Fame came. And afterward, I made the name. However, when Fame came. Cash didn’t come right away. I realized that popularity had come when my fans started to call me more than once. They will call for assistance, for cash. They will let you know, Hello Alhaja, mo ni issue. If it’s not too much trouble give me cash. So you ended up giving out cash to help other people. When you make the name there are such a large number of things you can’t do once more. You can’t eat at any rate. You can’t go all over. You can’t be free once more. You needed to take a stand. So the adventure of multi year has been sweet”.

How could she become an artist? “I began singing from my days at the Arabic School, (Ile Kewu). The Alfa that showed me Kewu (Quran) additionally sings. Olorin ni won. Oni Waasi ni won. He is Shehu Dauda (Alfa Nla) when I was learning the Quran at that point, at whatever point we have a program here, the spot isn’t a long way from this shop we are in. I did my Wolimo outside here. At whatever point we have a program, my Alfa used to give every individual a subject to go and prapare to sing on it and return. He presently understood that each time he did that it is the melody I form that is constantly one of a kind. That was the reason my Alfa said it appears I have an ability for music.”

“Curiously, they had told my folks before I was brought into the world that they will have a kid that will enlighten the entire world regarding otherworldly things. I was growing up gradually and my folks one day informed me concerning the expectation. I even idea it would have been Fuji. I used to rehearse Fuji somewhat at that point. In any case, God so great, God drove me on to my way. That is the manner by which I began music. I began music at Ile Kewu (Arabic School).” How did she continue starting there?

Did she start with a major performer and later set up her own? “Noo. I began from Arabic School. I took it to the following level. At the point when the spouse of one of our Alfas had an infant, she approached me to come and play for her, that she has consistently observed me at the Arabic School, so I should come and play for her. That was the first occasion when I will sing in front of an audience. It was in 1994. That was 21 years prior. I truly sang that day. I express gratitude toward God for that.”

“I did my Wolimo in 1994. There is this Alfa of mine who was my senior at Ile Kewu. He used to sing. He presently said I should begin chasing after him to sing. His dad is a Woli (Prophet).”

“He came when I was doing Wolimot. He currently said I ought not tail anyone that my fate isn’t one that will be attached to another people fate. He said I am bound to be individually and other individuals ought to tail me and not the other path round. In any case, all things considered I pursued some Alfas at Oshodi, Agege, Iyana Ipaja for some time. I tailed them since I wasn’t outstanding at that point. I had begun my vocation before I went along with them”.

How could she get the name Iya-N-Ghana? “My genuine name is Alhaja Queen Dr. Seyidat Basirat Ogunremi. I got my Queen title in music. I got specialist of music. Seyidat implies Asiwaju. Basirat is my genuine name. My mom has 3 kids. We were altogether named after where we were conceived. One was conceived in the North. We call her Iya Mola, I was conceived in Ghana, so they call me Iya-N-Ghana.”

“I didn’t go through over 3 years there before I returned. That is the reason I am called Iya-N-Ghana”. Aside from singing, what else does she do?

“When I left auxiliary school, I went along with one of my sisters who used to sell garments at Oshodi. She said rather than my sitting at home I should go to her, to help her. That was the means by which I figured out how to sell garments.”

“I had my very own shop at that point. Yet, when the time had come to settle down, my significant other said he can’t permit me do two common employments simultaneously. He said I can’t be singing and selling garments.”

“He said I should confront music. I once had an office where I sell records. I chose to open another office/shop. Along these lines, when I travel out to perform I will purchase garments, shoes and sacks to sell here in my shop. In any case, this music thing is my principle love. I once told someone that if. I was not into music, I would have been doing wasi. Music is my line”.

How can she see the development of Islamic music? We as a whole have various purposes for living. My music is distinctive Orin e mi ni (Zikiri) God sent me to this world with it. Whatever I do I generally endeavor to do it well. My Alfa oversees me. I can’t dissappoint him. I should not act mischievously.”

“My sort of music satisfies me. I keep great companions. I evade contentions. I abstain from staying with awful”. What is her association with the other Islamic vocalists?. “Its friendly. I don’t have any foe. They are every one of my companions. I don’t battle with anyone. I welcome everyone and they welcome me consequently. I scarcely go to parties since I don’t care for gatherings. I additionally don’t go to where I am not welcomed. I regard myself, with the goal that others can regard me. At whatever point my associates welcome me to an occasion I generally go. I take business before delight”.

What is the name of her sort of music? “Azikiri (recollecting Allah). It tends to be called Islamic Waka”.

Where was she conceived? Where did she grow up? “I was conceived in Ghana. When I was 3 years, I was taken back to Nigeria. I experienced childhood in Agege. I went to class there. I went to Arabic School in Agege. I wedded on this activity. I met my significant other on this activity. My significant other is outstanding. At whatever point I sing I notice his name God has favored me with 4 youngsters – 2 young men and 2 young ladies. My better half is Alhaji Abdulaheem Idowu Olomitutu. I met him where I went to play. At the point when the host of the gathering welcomed me to come and play that year, path back, I used to charge N120,000. My better half said to them that it was excessively. He said what is she singing that she is taking N120,000.”

“He said he can show signs of improvement artiste for less. They said no. They need me since they like my music. We had met before at that point. He didn’t realize I was a similar woman he toasted before that I reprimanded him saying I am a little young lady. Along these lines, this opportunity around he came to see who this young lady is. He came, met me, he moved to my music. He continued splashing me, attempting to dazzle me with cash. I was stating to myself, whats amiss with this person showering me cash? Things being what they are, he wants to toast me with cash? He isn’t not kidding. That was year 2004. When we completed, the zone young men started to exasperate us. He currently said he will help me and take me home while my vehicle should drive behind us. That was the way he knew my home with style, claiming to support me. When we returned home, I expressed gratitude toward him, descended and he drove off. Would you be able to accept he returned the following day to welcome me. He returned again the third, fourth, fifth day. Inevitably, I began to like him. What I found in him that caused me to wed him is the way that he bolsters my activity. He gives me full help.”

“Before he wedded me, he asked we, what he can do to me that I won’t care for, and I let him know, it is in the event that he says don’t sing once more. I disclosed to him this singing I am doing is from God. He has participated with me. He has the dread of God.”

“He is an agent. He supplies drinks at gatherings. He is into occasions. He is into properties as well. He manufactures houses and he sells”.

Where is her condition of root”. “I am from Ilorin, Omo Afonja. I am omo Ilorin sam, sam.” Why is her music not quite the same as others? “Its God, since its God that makes your tongue sweet. When God cherishes you, anything you do turns out to be sweet and satisfactory to individuals. I do Azikiri and music. That is the one you sing in Arabic. I do both together. I likewise sing in Yoruba. Before I went ahead the scene, there were individuals who just sang in Azikiri, from starting as far as possible. At that point, there were the individuals who simply sing ordinary music from starting as far as possible. In any case, when I came I began doing the two.

Individuals frequently disclose to me that my music is special to such an extent that when they hear it they take in something from it. There is a long way to go from my music. My tunes instruct ethics. I likewise do a ton of Azikiri or Prayer.

Individuals who are great in Kewu will make the most of my music. I don’t sing waste. I don’t mishandle individuals in my music. No maltreatment. I do great Kewu. My music is sweet”.

For what reason does she have the photo of KSA and Alhaji Kollington Ayinla on the mass of her office. “I like the 2 performers. I regard them. I like their music as well. I have been tuning in to them since I was little. Since I grew up I have come to consider both to be them as artistes who energize youthful ones. They regard me as a great deal. They don’t joke with me. They are good examples. They have the dread of God. I have taken in a ton from their melodic professions. They have done a great deal. At the point when my relative kicked the bucket, Alhaji Kollington played so well. He played like a youthful artiste. Them two are not kidding disapproved. Both of them went into music, not in light of cash. It was for energy. They are my tutors.”

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