Dear Depression – Spoken Word (EMOTIONAL) Ft. Essam — Copy

[Audio+Video] Dear Depression – Spoken Word (EMOTIONAL) Ft. Essam — Copy


[Audio+Video] Muslim Belal (Ashley Chin) – LIFE

Muslim Belal (Ashley Chin) - LIFE

“Distracted by the lights, they forgot the purpose of life” – Ashley Belal Chin.


Just posted a picture online, its already hit about a thousand likes
They’re looking at a brother like, “Wow, he lives this amazing life”
You see it’s all good from the outside, but when they take that deeper look inside
They see a brother and he’s lonely, battling, struggling to sleep at night
See I’m aging, I show age, 20 years now I’ve been up on this stage
I saw life, I saw change, I saw us go from this way to that way
Driving through Madrid, done 16 hours from Calais
Life of a traveller, they don’t understand my journey
Sumaya just facetimed, Sham called yesterday from Thailand
We speak little but got a lot to say
Life is coming and going like a holiday
Wondering, Angel of Death, will it take my soul today?
We used to do water fights, watch the super soaker spray
Then it turned to real life, street life casually
Power’s in the money, we saw it, so we chased it
Grew up with the poor people, dinnertime was basic
While I was eating corn beef, dry with potato mash
They was dipping fries in their ketchup with a Big Mac
Tired of that pain, got tired of that struggle
I want a gold chain, Air Max with Air Bubble
And daddy was a hustler, mummy was a hustler too
Pockets are empty, it’s clear what I’m about to do
They thought we done it for the status and the thrill
Them time we done it for the mills and pay the lights’ bills
Cuz life’s real, Gypsy Hill no school bag on my back
The olders are robbing banks and spending money on crack
You see I’m two years away, from Moschino with a drop tag
Walking through West, knock your B&P bag
Still sad, no guidance, blind, no direction
Money started growing and names started getting mentioned
Sixteen years old, was getting chauffeured in the S-class
Eating at the Ivy, when you’re hungry life change fast
Looking at my past, I didn’t see it coming
Safa to Marwah, walking and running
Bro, we nearly went through life without giving gratitude
They forget about Allah, they got the wrong attitude
Their books are just decoration for the shelf
They’re living like they created themselves
Like they ain’t gonna die, rise up and be judged
They turn their back on a purpose to live the life of a thug that’s dead
Yeah but it is just pretty simple, mum dad uncle didn’t set a good example
They chased the money too, that’s why we live in London
Surrounded by Fitnah, land of this corruption
Deep in the jungle, it’s hard to see it happen
Children of the ghetto, real sons of Adam
Sinners but we’re winners, we don’t know no other way
My mum’s saying go read a book, bored ain’t got no toys to play
Careful with the words I say, who am I to pass judgement
Just cuz I found another way, can’t look down on those who haven’t
Fathom on the words, take time to ponder
Make plans for when he’s older, he didn’t live to see tomorrow
Lifestyle, the things we’re doing for this life
Surrounded by broken hearts and fake smiles
Inside you’re lost, hurt and full of pain
But outside we’re pretenders, snapping everyday
Gramming everyday, some seekers of attention
Controlled by the public, the real you’s in prison
The vision is paradise but it’s like we don’t wanna get there
We live here like we love here and we’re stuck here
Speaking to the cameras more than you’re speaking to your family
Tried to get the paradise you got the wrong mentality
So many trip-ups, it’s like a brother stuck his boot out
I came a long way from the madness and the shoot-outs
They don’t wanna see where we came from, in mad streets we were raised on
South side of London, whole ends screaming “Assalamu 3lykum”
I live in a jungle and I work hard to stop it
See I don’t really care about this little boy’s gossip
Or she don’t cover her hair properly, doesn’t bother me
I ain’t gonna be questioned about her or her sloppery
I just pray she sets a better example for the younger queens
Too busy focusing on me, and my past on genes
Far from the best but I respect my religion
That’s why I ain’t proud and I keep my sins hidden
My mum says she proud of me, Sumaya smiles when she sees me
Sister call me regularly, play fight with Ayyubi
Never miss a daily prayer, and I fast 30 days consistently
How can I not be happy? This is my dunya, this completes me
See we expect too much, like we’re living in a fantasy
Have you ever put on them black gloves and know there’s about to be a tragedy?
And then you find religion, think all of that’s in the back of me
And then you find more hatred in life that’s meant to be peacefully
Backward living, backward thinking
Makes you wanna give up, makes you wanna give in
When you started off swimming
And you’re sinking but you’re believing
True guidance, true love from the One above
See I’ve been through all of that
Council flats and prayer mats
Missed calls from Shaytan, he ain’t getting a call back
Simple with the wordplay, I’ve been on this from early
Smalls and a maniac, juice on a Friday
Really what can I say? Blessed enough to be chosen
You got 35 year olds living like 21, they’re frozen
Life’s only temporary, it’s not permanent it’s alone
Why we tryna sit up here? Like we don’t wanna go home
We’re stuck in a game of thrones, everybody wants to lead
And they want some fame, greed, everyone’s dying to be seen
Care so much about what people say, you can’t even be the real you
In a crowd full of people, and it feels like you’re in an empty room
I could do the show light, and posing for the GQ
Or I could do the road, blacked out in that tracksuit
Mind you, so many layers to this character
Film star, building that orphanage in Gambia
Go and say it, I know what they’re thinking
That’s a contradiction, can’t do both in this religion
Well guess what? I came a long way, now on my way out
While you can still slander and put that new video out
Talking about your brother, if that sits well with your heart
You should’ve told me it’d be like this, when you invited me in the start
See I’ve been a victim of the rumours, been a victim of the gossip
They see a good thing happening, and they try and stop it
I don’t pay attention, bias stays behind my back
Allah gave me protection, Surah al-Falaq
You don’t understand my history, can’t celebrate my glory with me
There’s no hate left in my heart, I want good for everybody
Sumaya nearly 10, time flies we soon die
Life, it’s like we took our eyes off the prize