Death – Omar Esa (Official Nasheed Video)

Death – Omar Esa (Official Nasheed Video)


[Audio+Video] Death – Omar Esa (Official Nasheed Video)

Filmed at Eternal Gardens Muslim cemetery in London. Eternal Gardens provides our community with a difference. A dignified and Islamic transition to the Aakhira. Alongside its core services, Eternal Gardens provides a host of essential services to our community such as free bereavement support, Islamic wills and inheritance, educational programmes of which the Sisters’ courses have become very popular. Eternal Gardens strives to make a difference by focusing on Islamic and quality and ensuring the needs of the community are met. The Muslim community within London are facing a major burial space crisis and Alhamdulillah Eternal Gardens is at the core of ensuring suitable solutions are provided. Learn more about Eternal Gardens and plan ahead to ensure an Islamic and dignified option is in place for your entire family. It isn’t about if someone passes away, but rather WHEN!. Eternal Gardens

“Death – Omar Esa Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m so confused, tell me what’s happened
So many voices, in my head
But He told me, that this day would come
Tell me have I done enough. Ya Rabbi
Now my book’s gone and closed
All my deeds are for show
So I lie here and wait, for that day
I’m so scared, of Munkar and Nakir
Oh Allah, get me through this test

Ya Ilahi, please forgive me
I need You, ya Ilahi

[Verse 2]
I knew this day, would come
One day, but it’s come too soon
But this is all up to Allah
He sends his Angel of Death
My time has come
Now I’m calling out, they don’t hear me
But I know life goes on, they will leave me
Only this dust and silence surrounds me
These tears are falling down but they’re lonely

Ya Ilahi, please forgive me
I need You, ya Ilahi

Ya Ilahi, Ya Ilahi
Please forgive me, Ya Ilahi

[Chorus] (x2)
Ya Ilahi, please forgive me
I need You, ya Ilahi